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Sync your reps with Google Contacts!

3 Step 1. Link to your Google Contacts »

You are linked!

Step 2. Once you finish step one hit the big "Sync Now" button below to start your first sync.

3 Step 3. That's it! WebPDI will automatically sync your reps each night. Sync to your phone?


We highly recommend that only the office owner links their WebPDI account to a single, shared, office Google account. Then every AM can just access that single Google Account to manage reps and sync their phone to that single office Google account.

If AM's are going to link to Google, they should use their own WebPDI AM account to link to Google. This way every manager in the office can set syncing up!

Make sure you are logged into the correct Google account. Many of you have multiple Google accounts. Are you logged in to the right one?

Try to avoid re-linking to a different Google account

Sync Ncw!
The hotness!
  • Reps are synced nightly! No manual syncing unless you want to.
  • Your WebPDI groups are mirrored in Google Contacts.
  • Don't have mobile web? So what! You still have all of your reps on your phone.
  • Call reps faster and always know who's calling in.
  • Google Voice Integration
    • Record separate voicemails per WebPDI group or even per individual rep!
    • Take advantage of text messaging, calling, and voicemail transcription.
  • Other Google Services

    • Gmail, Google Docs - there are so many other Google services that integrate their contacts service. We would love to hear from you if you find something awesome.
Notes about canceling
We'll be sorry to see you go... What gets removed from WebPDI? Your office and office user accounts get removed from WebPDI as well as any goals, groups, and teams you made for your office. Rep data is not deleted. Instead, reps are reassigned to "no office" for later reassignment if, for example, you are a Branch Manager or you are closing your office. Can I re-sign up for WebPDI later? Yes, you may! However, we encourage you to keep consistent with WebPDI by using it year round. WebPDI is built to be used with both small and large teams. When you have a large team all of the organizational features are wonderful. When your team is small all of the notes, demos, journaling, etc; play a stronger role in increasing your PPR. What's your billing & refund policy? Once you cancel you won't be charged again, but you are responsible for whatever charges have already been incurred for the current billing period. For example, if your billing cycle is on the 18th of every month, and you cancel on the 24th, you'll still have to pay for the current month, but you won't be charged again after that. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made. This will destroy your account RIGHT now. Canceling your subscription removes your account at the same time! To keep your account open until the very last day before your next billing cycle, just close your account the day before your billing cylce date! View your billing date here.
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